Negative test required for stadium entry

We hope that everyone who has managed to get a ticket is looking forward to the matches in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Unfortunately, a 'normal' visit to the stadium is not possible in the current situation. To ensure that the matches in Amsterdam can be organized safely, everyone from 5 years of age must show a negative test certificate before entering the stadium. 

All ticketholders must schedule an test appointment on matchday via or directly via the CoronaCheck-app.

QR code, ID, match ticket and a face mask

Before ticket holders go to the stadium, they have to make sure they have downloaded the CoronaCheck-app, and have their ID, match ticket and face mask.

Covid rapid test

All ticketholders from 5 years of age must take a test on match day and after that present a negative test result before entering the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The test can only be scheduled via on matchday.

Important: no other testresult is valid.

  1. Schedule the test appointment
  • Ticketholders are asked to schedule a testappointment via the official portal as soon as possible. officiële portaal. 
  • There are several locations available throughout the country.The tests are taken at a location as close as possible to the residence of the visitors of the matches. If the test result is negative, after that, it’s safe to travel to the stadium.
  • Only tests that are taken on matchdays are valid
  • The test is free of charge.
  • The type of test is an antigen test with a swap from the nose.
  • Also vaccinated people must present a negative test result before entering the stadium.

2. Testing on matchday 

  • The test can only be take on matchday.
  • The result of the test will be available about an hour later. If the result is negative, the ticketholder will receive a confirmation by e-mail with a unique code.

3. After the test: CoronaCheck-app and QR code

  • With the CoronaCheck-app a negative testresult is converted into a QR code. This will be scanned at the entrance in combination with a valid ID card.
  • A visitor can only present a negative result for one person in the CoronaCheck-app. This means that every visitor needs their own device with the app. If someone does not have a smartphone or iPad, on which the app can be downloaded, the test result can be printed via

4. On matchday: QR code, ID, competition ticket and face mask

  • There is a timeslot reserved specially for each visitor to enter the stadium. Visitors are expected to arrive at the stadium within this timeframe.
  • To have a smooth entrance process, visitors are advised to download the CoronaCheck-app at home. Then, on matchday, it easy to transfer the negative test result into the QR code before arriving at the stadium.

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 contamination is our shared responsibility. We hope that in this way everyone can experience a safe but above all unique tournament in this special time.

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